Tea is one of our favourite subjects. Such a versatile beverage with so many health benefits and so many different tastes and flavours. Whatever your mood, we have a lot to offer. All of our teas are ethically sourced and farmed.

How tea leaves are processed

  • When green tea leaves are picked and left in it’s natural state, it’s green tea
  • Taking that same leaf and oxidized for a short time, it becomes oolong tea
  • When the same leaf is taken to full oxidation, it becomes black tea

It’s a wonderful thing, simple but each process has it’s own unique health benefits and flavours. Sit back and relax and enjoy these beautiful teas. To our health!


Why loose tea?

The benefits of purchasing loose tea is the quality of your tea leaves and the quantity of your tea. You will notice a significant difference in flavour compared to tea bags. Using loose tea also allows you to control how strong or how weak you enjoy your cup.

Loose tea is also cost effective when compared to tea bags. By purchasing 100g of loose tea, you will get 44 cups of tea. That’s quality and value.

Steeping made easy

Green Tea: 2-3 minutes, otherwise tea becomes bitter

Oolong Tea: 3-4 minutes

Black Tea: 4-5 minutes

Yerba Mate Tea: the longer you steep, the more health benefits

Herbal Tea: the longer you steep, the more health benefits and better the taste

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