Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Coffee and tea have permeated into our everyday lives and it’s here to stay. We love it, we want it and we hunt it out.

Isn’t it also great that we’ve done the foot work for you? We believe in community, sustainability, and social responsibility.

28 years ago we knew that with being a local small business, we needed to partner with like-minded people. We then started the long relationship with Canterbury Coffee. Canterbury began in 1981 as a microroaster in Richmond, BC and to this day, has maintained their giving back attitude.

We understand that we have a huge responsibility to support the communities that bring us the great coffee we enjoy every day.

Our mission goes beyond the coffee market of fair trade.

Because we are partnered with a Canadian company, we all contribute to providing a better life and a more promising future, not only for families that grow the coffee but also for the Earth.

As we all contribute in our own small way, it moves forward the mandate to relieve poverty in developing nations like Nicaragua. Not only by providing food and other basic supplies, but also to advance education by establishing small library systems. While focusing on the importance of environmental conservations, sustainability and water purification in developing nations.

Our coffee supplier is always thinking globally and working together locally with someone like us. It’s a win-win.  We are proud of our long lasting relationship with Canterbury Coffee.

Moving forward, know that by supporting local, we are a small family business and by being our customer, you are part of our bigger picture.

We know that together we can support community and be giving back to the bigger global issues.

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