Very early in our business, it became clear that the world revolved around both coffee & tea. To date, we provide over 17 styles of coffee beans and over 40 jars of high-quality tea selections. That’s what makes us unique.

Daily, we brew coffees from around the world. Not to mention specialty coffee drinks hot and cold, head bangers, divine espresso and Keto coffee with a variety of fats to your selection.

Our flavored coffees have no sugars. Every variety has it’s own unique taste. All the flavoured coffees are a medium roast. You’ll be pleasantly surprised in the full taste of every cup.

As you explore the menu, you can take home both coffee beans and loose tea. Pick your favourites.

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Featured Coffee

Doi Chaang – Thailand

50% Grower Owned and Fair Trade

15 years ago, the Akka hill tribe of Northern Thailand boldly decided to seize a better life for their people – to switch from growing opium to coffee. Today, their future looks bright. They have created a premium fair trade coffee and collectively own 50% of the Doi Chaang Coffee Co.

Through great gratitude, the community dresses in ceremonial dress and pray before picking the beans. By purchasing this bean, you contribute to the sustainability of over 800 families and their communities.

333 St. Mary Ave (Cityplace), Winnipeg
Monday to Friday:  7:30am – 3pm

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